Sunday, June 27, 2010

On oeuf!...

Eff oeuf EU! Or as the old joke says: un oeuf is un oeuf! Just when you think they should keep their heads down EU bureaucrats just keep on making sure we know that they're wasting time, wasting money and a waste of fucking space. "British shoppers are to be banned from buying eggs by the dozen under new regulations approved by the European Parliament." Andrew Opie, food director of the British Retail Consortium, will ask Government Ministers to press for the decision to be reversed. "Adam Leyland, editor of The Grocer trade magazine, said: 'You couldn't make it up, could you? It would be funny if it were an April Fool's joke. But it's not and it will potentially cost the industry millions, while confusing customers no end."

Source: This Is Money Hat-tip: Iain Dale Photo credit: Sarah Klockars-Clauser

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Paul said...

Hasn't this subsequently to have been a case of really bad (non) investigative journalism? There is no such ban, just you lot on the right getting all over heated again by the EU.

Why are politicians so stupid, does Iain Dale really think people can't count up to six?

Span Ows said...

Getting overheated is right and please note that I don't use the word "ban", the other's do in a dailymailesque (nice new word) fashion. But as far as I'm concerned that isn't the point: as their own press release says and as is blogged HERE the legislation for regulation is already underway; it will take years but my point is precisely that they're doing this shit at all: "they're wasting time, wasting money and a waste of fucking space

However they've jumped on the stories: tomorrow's EU press release HERE the bent bananas...clarifying it "isn't true" by confirming the gist of it is true!

Paul said...

Calm down, calm down!

Span Ows said... there's a coincidence...or have you been reading my Hillsborough arguments on Conservative Home?

Essentially you're right re the silly reporting and the herds that follow but IMHO this sort of EU fernickety-nit-picking on such issues should not even be being thought of, let alone spoken of and legislated on! FFS!!!