Friday, June 04, 2010

Osorio's offering...

The Venezuelan "Minister for Food" (Jeez, that sounds so bad) Félix Osorio, has denied that between 20 and 30,000 tons of food has decomposed - still in their 1000+ shipping containers - whilst stuck in a ministry-made bureaucratic limbo [El Nacional]. Osorio claimed that the bad press was media manipulation, adding that "it is false that 30,000 tonnes are damaged" because, for example, "there is sugar there and sugar doesn't damage". Hilarious, Hugo the goon surrounds himself with similar goons: first, Osorio unwittingly admits that loads of food was damaged and second, sugar can easily be ruined: too much heat, too much moisture, broken packaging, bug or vermin infestation...well you get the idea. The idea of the Ministry of Food is to help reduce malnutrition and poverty; of course this is a noble aim but as ANYONE knows - in ANY country - that as soon as the government gets involved all efficiency and value for money goes out the window; Venezuela is no exception as has been proved so many times by the clown and his posse...but food supply? Come on, this is serious. Osorio proudly announced that "We have secured the first month's supply". [Prensa Latina] Food riots anyone?

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