Monday, June 07, 2010

Out of order III...

LOL! Unbelievable...(I say that a lot, I know) Guess what Gordon the lying, cowardly, pathetic, bitter and twisted twat did? You know, Gordon Brown, the guy that hasn't been seen since he resigned, not even at the State Opening of Parliament, which when you think about it is really out of order; an incredibly poor decision - but typical of the man. Apparently, one of Brown's last few official actions was to organise a 22.5% PAY CUT for Cameron..."but this was done with such stealth that no formal announcement was ever made."

"This was pure Gordon," harrumphs my man in Whitehall. "Quite prepared to make the big sacrifices – so long as it wasn't him who actually had to make them."

Hat-tip: Guido

In another interesting tale of Labour woes this weekend Dizzy shows us the absolute stupidity of whomever it is tweeting the "Tweet4Labour" hash: they are "adamant that because the BBC report was published today it must be referring to spending since the Government was formed." despite the report being from 2007. Fuckwits.

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