Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One organised ordeal over...

Prou! Basta! Enough! La abolición de las corridas ha comenzado... Barcelona, 28 jul (Click on image for news in Spanish - ABC). The Catalan Parliament voted in favour by 68 votes to 55 against (and 9 abstentions) of a ban on bullfighting in Catalonia from 2012.

The parliament of Catalonia is 'the first region of mainland Spain to do so'. [BBC]...but will it be the last? Unlikely now although, as the Beeb article says, many believe the process has been pushed by nationalist-minded Catalans to set themselves apart from Spain.

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Paul said...

Catlonia is an interesting place to be right now, communists and fascists marching together, Barca paying their ways in two big chunks and going into debt, bully becoming a protected species.

To be honest I don't have a strong opinion on bullfighting although as I've said before I do own two of those knives that get stuck in at the end but they were presents rather than something I purchased myself.

Span Ows said...

Thanks for all your comments paul and I hope you had a bood break (I think...or was the Paris trip earlier?)

I went to a few bullfights, the last was years ago, and it cemented my opinion against. If it were one-on-one then maybe (I know the end is one-on-one but by then the bull is severely hamstrung (not literally!) . There are perfectly entertaining alternatives that take more skill and don't kill the bull.

Lots going on? Yep, the athletics has been great (may do a post tonight, GB should finish second but could be pipped by France...that baton could prove costly!) although not brilliantly attended by the public.