Monday, August 09, 2010

O'Neill off...

Well...who'da thunk it: the best thing about Brum 1 and they let him go...and we know why. As Paul Hayward writes, they have managed to drive away their most important asset: the guy has worked wonders (a trait he seems to have) and the stupid twats just kept kicking him in the balls (player after player sold). He was the best thing they had...the Aston Martin. One Villa went to Barcelona the other will now head south: not sure they'll finish anywhere near 6th this season.

P.S. O'Neill is the one guy I could "accept" replacing The Professor...if he decided to go.

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Paul said...

He's an overrated media luvvie in my opinion. Nice bloke but tactically naive. Aston Villa lost 7-1 at Chelsea at the end of last season, is that progress?

They've not moved on from the O'Leary years and he doesn't seem to know who his best players are and where they should play. Never came to terms with the fact that the EPL is not the SPL and couldn't beat any of their rivals for the Champions League on a regular basis. Plus anybody who thinks Marlon Harewood and Nigel Reo Coker and Nickey Shorey will lead you to European glory is clearly missing something.

I like him as a pundit and he's a very honest guy but he's no Premiership manager.

I was going to post about this before going away but RSS alerted me to your post. (You ain't seen me, right?)

Span Ows said...

Ow gawd blimey...I knew you couldn't resist. :-)

I agree with your last 2 paragrpahs/sentences. I like him too but I also think he's done OK, they've been 'solid' top 6 or 7 for 4 years and at least 2 or 3 from AV have always been included in my fantasy football team so THERE!