Saturday, August 28, 2010

Opt-out oblocutors...

NUTTY Union bullies revealed. "The stakes could scarcely be higher", says Nelson Fraser after praising to the rooftops the City Acadamies set up New Labour (you haven't misread that). You may think after I posted slagging Blunkett's letter that I wouldn't be happy but in fact the opposite is true, as Nelson says:
"Seldom has a social policy been so quickly vindicated. Independence works. So who would want to stop pupils getting better a education in an independent state school?"
Who? You guessed it, the union NUTters and their 'accomplices' who are using the FOI to find out the list of anyone supporting campaigns to opt out of local authority control and become one of Gove's Academies. Read it at The Spectator. Remember, 'The stakes could scarcely be higher'.

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