Monday, September 13, 2010

Ominous Ornithischia order overture...

Ornithischia order [Wiki]. The rumblings could be heard for weeks and months but now they are getting louder. The dinosaurs are shifting from their decade or more long slumber; the leaders are greedy, hypocritical, overpaid, opportunist two-faced fuckwits and they are stirring up desent; they're gathering round to discuss mass strikes and street disturbances. Needless to say it's ALL because of the proposed Coalition government cuts yet they provide no alternative and were happily sucking on the tit of looming disaster for as long as possible. I concur entirely with cityunslicker blog that says, whilst describing this 'Populist rhetoric without substance from the Unions',
"The real nail the Government need to meet though is the nonsense about this being a City caused crisis. of course the banks going bust has made a big hole, but the bigger damage was the creation of a structural deficit by the last Government - that owed nothing to the City and everything to vote buying for a decade by Labour."
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