Saturday, September 04, 2010

Optimum onomatomanic offers...

Kent County Council tells us that "Village names and grass verges could be sponsored"; not a bad idea: a scheme to raise cash and an extension of the current initiative to allow companies to advertise on roundabouts...but also a scheme that could have amusing consequences. JI at Conservative Home mentions one or two possible contenders,
"surely an ideal sponsor for the town of Sandwich would be Hovis?...
...and the Shropshire town of Wellington ought to be linked to Boot's?"
Indeed, and there are hundreds of possiblities not least because many towns and villages have such wonderful and varied names - some really odd ones too - that lend themselves to certain sponsors! Naturally, I added my tuppenny worth on that CH comment thread: Re Sandwich, "Clearly a bidding war between Hovis, Kingsmill and Warburtons is on the cards...ALL THREE are in the UK top 10 selling brands." And: the village of Curry Rivel (Pataks), Wetwang (Durex playgel), Scratchy Bottom (Canesten), The Bog (Andrex)...another top 10 brand! Land of Nod (Nightnurse), Hole in the Wall (Polyfilla), Barton in the Beans (Heinz), Affpuddle (Pampers/Huggies), Beer (several!), Leaves Green (Miracle Grow), Bottom Flash (Preperation H), Sandy Balls (Axe), Twatt (Vagisil)...etc.

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