Friday, September 17, 2010

Overstaffed, overpaid, overdue overt observation...

Cuts will hurt. Cuts are bad. Coalition cuts, cuts, cuts. Nobody else would cut. Just evil Tories and their sidekick Lib Dem traitors. Cuts will stop your education, take your benefits, take your pension, take your vote, make you poor, kill your children. I'm joking, but these fools are not!

Anyway, talking of cuts, nobody is talking more than the BBC: great blog post by Tim Montgomerie at Conservative Home (click on image): "If the BBC employed a few more Conservatives, it might occasionally run stories that examined the wastefulness and inefficiency of the bloated state." The BBC needs to employ "more people who thought as taxpayers, rather than as public sector employees"...His article is publised in the Daily Mail today and they too are taking the state broadcaster to task with their own BBC Whinge Watch.
"Recent whingeing BBC coverage could have been designed by a joint committee of the trade unions and the Labour Party."

"On the BBC's 6 O'Clock News one night this week, four separate stories covered the widespread opposition to the Coalition's planned cuts, and their potentially devastating effect on everything from the Army to the film industry.

Then – with no hint of irony – it moved on to report on how the NHS was paying for teenagers suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder to go surfing in Cornwall."
Daily Mail

They join the sterling work done for eight years by the Biased BBC blog.

Speaking of which, I wonder how long it will be before the BBC mention what nationalities - or even from which continent - the five men arrested as a potential terrorist threat to the Pope's visit are...and which religion (presumably of peace?).

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Paul said...

The BBC have said the men were North African probably from Algeria. Interestingly the reporter from Sky said that when the news first broke none of the 'experienced' reporters wanted to broadcast the nationalities until the Police gave them the okay, he said lessons had been learned from the Forest Gate arrests. Of course the Daily Mail couldn't resist the obvious right from the get-go and said they were 'possibly Muslims, possibly from North Africa and possibly from Algeria.' Alternatively they could have been Ninja Warriors doing a bit of a tidy-up before the Papal Palaver passed.

Span Ows said...

Hi Paul, I hope all is well.
Well, the BBC didn't say that when everyone else was saying that, they said it was later on...which was really my point, especially online when they update the news stories, even then it was "slipped in" well down the article. I know media should make stuff up but there are ways and means of hiding details too.

Span Ows said...

That said I'm not listening to all the TV and Radio news am I so my personal criticism can be confined to online in this Papal visit example.

P.S. will you be back 'regular' blogging?