Thursday, October 21, 2010

Opposing opposition III...

I like Left Foot Forward. It's interesting and often enjoyable, and to some extent I agree. However, click on the "About" tab and you'll see their 'Mission' where they claim:
"We are a non-aligned blog. Because we are progressive and because of the aims we're committed to, we often find ourselves in agreement with left of centre policies and politicians. But we are focused purely on the quality of policies and furthering progressive goals, rather than on promoting individual politicians and parties."
Now look at the image of a recent award...TOP Left Wing blog...hmmm; look at the the right hand sidebar of their blog: the tables of what they are "fighting for" ('Sustainable economy', 'Public services for all', 'Good society' and 'Multilateral foreign policy') and what they are fighting against ('Greed and corruption', 'Old politics', 'Media manipulation' and 'Racism and extremism'). Now, strange as it may seem, but everything they were were fighting for New Labour was trouncing or destroying and everything they are fighting against is precisely what typifies Blair, Brown and New Labour - to a T - yet here we have the top leftwing blog that has been nigh on 100% behind Labour yet claiming to be non-aligned; the clue is in the name, I know, but please stop the pretence: you're a left-luvvie cheerleader, admit it. Change your mission.

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