Friday, October 22, 2010

OECD outlook...

Fucking A! It may be just a "greener economy" tit-for-tat payoff but the support is welcome.

Update: Also there has been blanket coverage by the BBC and Guardian trumpeting of the IFS "poorest hit hardest" version of events (entirely expected I guess) that other interpretations aren't getting much of a look-in. Mark Littlewood at the Institute of Economic Affairs says that the IFS has made "a woeful contribution to the debate".
"The Institute for Fiscal Studies has done itself – and the wider public debate about the Comprehensive Spending Review – a considerable disservice over the last twenty four hours... ...Far from illuminating discussion about the coalition’s fiscal policy, the IFS has seemingly attempted to reduce moral – not merely economic – considerations to the status of a bar chart... ...The Institute has walked straight into a trap – partly, though not wholly of its own making – of equating a progressive change to tax and benefits with 'fairness'"

"It is hard to know where to begin in exposing the inanity of this proposition."
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Paul said...

Not only the IFS I think the IMF made the same mistake but from the other end of the political spectrum.

Span Ows said...

Not good though, either way.

P.S. hello! Hope all is well.

Paul said...

Hi Span, everything is fine thanks, just a state of limbo at work at the moment. I have been following you on RSS but missed the chance to post some meaningful comments. You've been very busy lately!

Span Ows said...

Thanks...busy at work or busy posting? You know I've been working in 8 different countries since August? (that doesn't include countries with airport stopovers)!!!

Hope you can escape limbo and not end up in hell!