Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh Obama...

Poor old Obama: things aren't going so well, in fact the future looks decidedly black bleak. The Republicans are making gains to such an extent that if Gallup's astonishing numbers are anywhere near accurate, "we could be looking at a GOP victory in the House of Representatives of absolutely historic proportions, a scenario frightening enough to give even the most seasoned Obama White House adviser nightmares" says Nile Gardiner at the DT. I guess Obama could live with that, even with the fact that the 'Senate now hangs in the balance' and, as we know, the 'economic figures are grim'. BUT....what he won't be able to accept is that "nearly 25 percent of Democrats now believe 'a return to Bush's policies would be good" and that Bush, almost invisble since the presidential election, is now almost level-pegging with Obama in terms of who is/was the better president. LOL! More bad news HERE as on the White House staff exodus, which "exposes Obama to charges of disarray".

P.S. Enjoyable Yank vs. Yank hoohah going on in the comments of Nile's article.

P.P.S. Maybe this is why. (hehe)

P.P.P.S.How? Eleven foreign countries have joined the US Justice Department's lawsuit against Arizona over the state's recent immigration law. WTF?!!!

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