Friday, October 08, 2010

Overshadowing overshadowing...

Thought I'd catch up on the week's politicking, I'm a bit behind what's been going on but not enough to not notice a marked difference in the BBC [online] news coverage of the Conservative conference compared to their coverage of the Labour one but - apart from that - I wanted to see "the enemy": the new UK Shadow Cabinet: all served under Brown, nearly half were privately educated and the only non-white (at first glance) seems to be this fucking disgrace who IMHO shouldn't be allowed anywhere near power, priviledge or other people's money.**

That bad taste-in-the-mouth aside, I am enjoying the brewing storm (at least in the blog's I read!) re the teacher who spoke at Tory conference and has since been "sent home". Well worth reading Cranmer and the multiple comments there:
"How does a deputy headteacher who has blown the whistle on a sclerotic culture of excuses, criticised low standards, derided arbitrary targets and league tables, disparaged political correctness and poured scorn over the pervasive 'leftist ideology' in state education ever again command the respect of a staffroom populated with pathological Socialists?"
His Grace adds, speaking of the Headteacher whom has suspended the 'outed' Tory Conference speaking teacher, that the '(Executive) Headteacher you can perhaps forgive: she too is a victim' but imagine my surprise [not!] to discover that Dizzy has found out...
"...[that] her fate is in the hand of Dr Irene Bishop, the "executive head teacher" of St Michael and All Angels Academy.

Might this be the same Dr Irene Bishop who was head teacher at St Saviour's and St Olave's in 2001, when the school was used as the launchpad of the Labour 2001 general election campaign?"
[some teachers are more equal than others?]
**I'm not bothered at all where they were eduacted, if it was public or private, what colour their skin is, what gender or what sexual preferences they have; I just thought they might try to at least be a little bit different. Seems there are at least 4 or 5 sticks they could have tried to beat the government with but now can't.

Hat-tip Iain Dale (with a video of the speech, which I think is good except that Katharine uses one of my pet hates, "kids" instead of children: "our kids" "my kids"...grrrrr)

Update 3am: that's the trouble with playing catch-up with the news! Good news: Katharine Birbalsingh has "been told that she would be allowed to return to the classroom on Monday after parents voiced their support." [DT]

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