Thursday, October 07, 2010

Overtaking oficial 'oligopoly'...

Another step towards the inevitable...continuing the downward Destructive Spiral: earlier this week Crusty confirmed what he had told the public on Sunday, that the government has made official the seizure of the omnipresent farming supply company Agroisleña. Crusty told us that "One of the short-term impacts of the measure is the immediate reduction of production costs, because we are going to eliminate the chain of speculative middlemen" when in reality it will put thousands of small-holders and farmers out of business and exacerbate the food shortages.

One wonders if it has anything to do with the fact that Chavez probably has 100% of farmers/small-holders/producers against him and that Agroisleña supplied 70% of the sector's agricultural chemicals...(see comments last night on that Devil's Excrement blogpost); more interesting insight on the same Veneconomy editorial from Daniel, whose earlier post mentioned that Chavez had "made his first real communist "economic" move" and "that the Agroisleña take over could actually wreck the banking system of Venezuela."

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