Friday, November 05, 2010

Orange opus...

Remember, remember the 5th of November...for the Glorious Revolution! The sensible revolution, the conservative revolution, the [relatively] Bloodless Revolution; this War of the English Succession leading to diplomatic and economic revolution.
"It is both certain and evident to all men, that the public peace and happiness of any state or kingdom cannot be preserved, where the Laws, Liberties, and Customs, established by the lawful authority in it, are openly transgressed and annulled; more especially where the alteration of Religion is endeavoured, and that a religion, which is contrary to law, is endeavoured to be introduced; upon which those who are most immediately concerned in it are indispensably bound to endeavour to preserve and maintain the established Laws, Liberties and customs, and, above all, the Religion and Worship of God, that is established among them; and to take such an effectual care, that the inhabitants of the said state or kingdom may neither be deprived of their Religion, nor of their Civil Rights."
William of Orange.

About 83 years previously something else happened on November 5th, with some Catholic terrorists and some gunpowder. Treason. His Grace Archbishop Cranmer has as good a blogpost as any about treason and this other Euro Catholic affair.

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Paul said...

Guy Fawkes - the original suicide bomber.

I enjoyed Cranmer's piece, nothing like a good bit of history sequeing into a good rant about the EU.

btw - haven't commented on the Woolas affair because I'm still a bit shocked and can't think of anything to say.

Span Ows said...

Yes, I enjoyed it too...interesting in the comments as well re the origin of the EU flag etc.

Re Woolas, well what can we say. We know he's a fool but we also know he's not the only one! The problem now is what of Red Ed's choice: the case was not a secret so surely he knew this could happen?