Sunday, November 28, 2010

Organ opt-out option...

Interesting post last week on Liberal Vision about organ donor opt-out system that would replace the donor card ('opt-in') system.
"An opt-out scheme would create a presumption that the state, in this case the NHS, owns you on death, unless you remember to declare otherwise, and have some system to prove you have done so, either a card, medical records, or a national database."
However, a poll they refer to chimes with what we were told a few years ago, that nearly two-thirds would be willing to donate their organs for transplantation after their death. LV end their piece with the phrase "The result of most such surveys depends on how you frame the debate and questions" and I can guarantee a 100% against opt-out poll result if you asked them today: "Do you want the Coalition to own your body after death?".

I suggest the medical powers that be in the UK look for ways to make people want to donate rather than attempt to force the issue! "Presumed consent may not increase organ donation" [Link]

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Paul said...

I carried a donor card from when I first got my provisional driving licence to when I was diagnosed as a diabetic when I was told that my blood could not be used in transfusions and my organs couldn't be used.

I can't give blood anymore for the same reasons - the drugs I take affect everything (good job too I say!) - shame really.

Span Ows said...

That's a pity, really.

I haven't given blood for a while but when I did they were quite keen as I was "full of antibodies' ...from so much travelling and up to date jabs I bet! At teh time I thought it would disclude me.

I read somewhere recently that somewhere (!!!...Israel maybe) are trying/going to try a organ offer i.e. if you were on the list as a donor you get to jump the list if you ever need an organ transplant! ...sounds a good way of increasing donors without going the official opt-out route.