Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ostensible otherworldly orator...

Otherworldly is right, EU Referendum calls it Barking Bloody Mad. Al Gore...calling climate change "the new global terror". He has outlined "the doom the world is awaiting" and called the failure of world leaders to clinch some sort of deal a "startling paradox". According to the Hindustan Times - in India, where he is spouting his nonsense to anyone who'll listen - Gore now thinks the "solution for the problem was taking the issue back to the grassroots and creating a political storm to compel the leaders to react to climate change". That sounds to me like Al is calling for more civil unrest at world God, how else will he be able to continue to make millions? Needless to say the seemingly unnoticed closing of the Chicago Climate Exchange (with it's Gore and Obama connections) would help to explain why Gore is ramping up the hyperbole.

P.S. The European equivalent Climate Exchange may also fail within a year or two unless a new 'Kyoto Protocol' is agreed.

Update 11:15am: browsing that paper I see the reason for the madness: Gordon Brown is there giving a speech "Lessons from the Last Global Crisis"! Mind you, it sounds like he may be "getting it": "We assumed that the risks the banks were taking were well diversified".

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