Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Outstanding, one, one, one...

Well you can guess that the "one, one, one" refers to: 'One Person, One Voice, One Thought' (ahem) and the Bloom-ing shite-fest that the Euro Parliament got into today, Godwin's law...or was it Godfrey? (more HERE at UKIP's Independence Home,or go straight to the video HERE, worth listening to the whole 15 minute video) but the 'outstanding' is for Nigel Farage and the "Bunker mentality", 3 minutes of sticking to the them, HERE..."Just who the hell do you think you people are? You are very, very dangerous people indeed". Please listen. I realise Farage has his faults but this was simply superb, correct and would that most of our politicians acted this way. More on Bloom's gloom/boom at BBC, The Guardian and more interestingly from Dan Hannan who explains that the target today is in fact himself a serial "Nazi-jibber" but pro EU so of course no action is ever taken! Better Off Out.

P.S. What's in it for EU? Hilarious, including the made-up myths.

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Paul said...

I think they all deserve each other. Love the myths page by the way.

Changing subject are you going to post about your friend Hugo and his image rights - or have I missed it already?

Span Ows said...

I agree.

Re Hugo I was going to then thought I had already done two Ven posts ove rthe weekend...and all in all it wasn't such a bad idea. In South America the politicians love their picture up everywhere but of course that could be bad as well as good. I was thinking of the sort of companies you could set up:

Hugo's Clown Emporium
Chavez Drug Store (a pharmacy of course)
Red Shirts R Us