Monday, December 13, 2010

Obverting outreach overture...

Tim Montgomerie at Conservative Home has some encourgaing news. With many, especially the BBC, doing their best to spike the Coalition guns at every opportunity, it was clear that Ed miliband would try to woo some of the wavering Liberal Democrats; however in reply to his direct overture today, Tim Farron, the left-leaning President of the Lib Dems has spoken up strongly:
"Labour have just spent 13 years sucking up to Rupert Murdoch and George Bush - why would any sane progressive even give them a second glance? As part of the coalition government, Liberal Democrats have started fixing Labour's economic mess, taking millions of people out of Income Tax and reforming British politics. Things Labour had 13 years to do but failed to deliver. The Liberal Democrats have also announced more cash for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, one of the biggest moves to improve social mobility in decades. Continuing that work is something far more attractive to Liberal Democrats than helping Ed Miliband's increasingly desperate attempts to work out what he actually stands for. However, if he is serious about co-operation then the first thing he should do is stop the Labour Party's attempts to block the referendum on electoral reform that he claims to support."
Really he is just saying things that should be the first words any Coalition member should be saying at any and every opportunity even if it gets irritating: the marked absense of any sort of contrition or apology from Labour and the even more marked absense in the media of any reminders of just why the UK is having to take certain unpopular measures needs addressing.

Update: I rather liked this comment from Prodicus:
"There is no essential difference between the 'thinking' of wannabe commissars like Miliband and that of ignorant gits like Gilmour junior and the violent, nihilistic haters of the SWP and Black Bloc.

The violence of recent days, and the coming days, is all 'Because they're Tories'. Government policy, political thought, democracy, the Common Good and the will of the people have nothing to do with it."

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