Friday, December 10, 2010


He don't need no education... (well you'd think he didn't get one, but he seems honest:"Ignorance is the poorest of excuses but I am sincerely sorry".)

All in all he's just another prick on the wall...[Link]

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Paul said...


Watching Newsnight last night was a lesson in body language, that stupid cow who is the Student leader was as lippy with Stephanie Flanders as she had been silent with Jeremy Paxman the last time there was trouble.

We are talking about a student who has just had a year off, at taxpayers expense, not wanting to condemn any violence by the students but blaming the police, despite in her words, "nobody knowing all the facts."

Demonstrate by all means, but the police should have the right to weed out the anarchists and the arseholes.

Span Ows said...

Agree entirely, your last apragraph says it all, the police can't afford to be "surprised" again.