Sunday, January 30, 2011

Opinions overview...

I'm catching up again. CH has an interesting round-up of recent opinion polls, not all bad! Although it is worrying, before, many voters accepted the need for "budget reductions" but more and more (too quickly IMHO) the public are being convinced to forget the last 10 years and blame the firemen for trying to put out the fire.

I see Balls is doing the rounds testing the media to see which are more sympathetic to his lies and the one's that go on and on about cuts and "crushing spending"; presumably his view is that the British public have forgotten why the UK is in such a state. We know they spent all the money (most of which is on a big credit-card). Click on image to Mark Wadsworth's reminder of these "cuts".

Update: Guido has a post on the (evil lying) logic of Balls denying the deficit.

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Paul said...

I agree about the Balls lying and cynicism, although I do know some dyed in the wool Conservatives who don't actually think the economy will be in better hands.

That said the total managed expenditure analysis makes interesting reading because whilst we may be at the same level as some previous year the total managed expenditure for the next four tax years doesn't actually keep up with inflation.

This would suggest to me that interest rates will not be allowed to rise, tax allowances will remain stationery and there won't be anything too sexy come the budget in March. The 2010 budget and projections are dependent on VAT receipts increasing which suggests to me that, with nil wage inflation and nil tax relief increases, we are expected to spend our way out of the recession.

As I wrote last year, here and on my blog, the public will ignore the spending review until cuts start to take effect. We already know the impact of cut backs at local council level which have had central Government funding reduced, the next stage is the impact of job losses. It's also a little uncharitable, and a big lot of condescension by Guido to say people don't understand deficit or debt, they shouldn't have to, they vote for politicians to make those decisions.

Span Ows said...

First paragraph: so do I!

Then you nearly put me to sleep but I get your drift, however I think a slight raising of the lower tax threshold is already on the cards.

Last paragraph: I agree entirely with first bit but I tend to agree with Guido on this, condescending or not but even major media don't get it right, which is more worrying.

Paul said...

I can't help it (re the sleep bit), sometimes my day job leaks into the rest of my life!