Monday, January 17, 2011

Oppressive onus...

Apparently today - the third Monday of January - is/will be the saddest day of 2011. This is due to a combination of holidays over, debt from those holidays, Christmas etc, broken New Year's resolutions and 'sad' weather.

In the UK something else may add to it all: in a few minutes the ticking timebomb/debt clock of UK National Debt will pass GBP1 TRILLION; obviously that doesn't include an awful lot of off-the-books stuff (pensions etc)...this is just the cold hard debt. Click on the image to read about the impact of fiscal policy: in a non-business sense i.e. in a government sense, "all fiscal policy means is how the Government taxes us and how it spends the money."

Update 17:16 GMT: it just passed the GBP1Tr mark...well at least the Government forecasts were right: "it will soar to an eye-watering £1.1 trillion by 2011."

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Paul said...

Enjoyed - if that's the right word - the link.