Saturday, January 15, 2011

Orgulous over opuscule...

Hugo the clown spits the dummy over Little Hugo, 'Huguito' [El Pais, Spanish] [Salon, English]. "What will become of Venezuela without Little Hugo?!", and to rub it in about interferring in everyone's business, "You will be free, Venezuela! Because recently Little Hugo has been getting into everyone's house, making you look bad". Crusty and the Venezuelan authorities have demanded that a Colombian soap opera be taken off the air because it is denigrating Venezuela. Maybe if Chavez weren't so oft to be found slagging off anyone and everyone he might have a leg to stand on.

The novela, "Chepe Fortuna" features a pair of sisters: Colombia and Venezuela (these names aren't that odd, I also know three Americas); relations between the sisters are tense- they are by no means the 'main characters in the show - but Colombia 'is a character full of virtues in contrast to the histrionic and unbearable Venezuela' (arf arf). Venezuela, an 'unscrupulous secretary', has a dog called "Little Hugo": he is an important character: "No more and no less than Venezuela's dog."

That said - and I apologise in advance for any offence - maybe Chavez is more upset because Omeris Arrieta, the actress that plays Venezuela, looks like Chavez in drag.

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