Monday, February 07, 2011

Obumbrate organisation...

Creators of a Hitler Top Trumps-style game may face legal action because of German law about using symbols of unconstitutional organisations. The game was invented by Jörg Wagner and Jürgen Kittel and manufactured by Weltquartett, they could have acted illegally by showing not only Hitler's face but also the swastika:
"Showing his face can be problematic"... ..."though we are primarily concerned with the swastika in this instance"
FFS! Surely this is an amazing step forward in German humour: welcome to the real world! Click on image to enlarge...and we can presume James Bond is represented too. The blog post title refers to the intentional "Blitztrompf" part-covering of the 'offensive organisation'. Hat-tip to CC!

obumbrate: adj. - obsolete darkened; hidden under a projection.

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