Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Obverting organisations...

Polemic Polly provides proof positive of what we really already knew: that the UK's voluntary and charitable sectors is ridden with lobbying parasites living off the taxpayer. "The only proper role for the tax-funded voluntary sector is to do stuff." writes Raedwald; and relates how not only is the taxpayer paying for the elected councillors to take service decisions but also for "the lobbyists that seek to distort their decision making process. Insanity." Polly has proved - unintentionally - that many aren't 'doing stuff' - or at least not the right stuff - and that many are fake charities and pseudo quangos, 'complex and diverse organisations' with most of their funding coming from public funding and stuffed with new Labour's cronies: only this week had ample evidence of 'Labour supporters presented as independent witnesses' [Ben Brogan, DT] along with others claiming the Big Society was a failure (has it even started yet?)...and there is a lot more out there ready to wriggle out of the woodwork in the whole sleaze-ridden edifice; last word to Raedwald:
"And if this government's measures are stripping this useless, obstructive, partisan, distorting and corrupt parasitical growth from our democracy, then they're working."
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Paul said...

and that many are fake charities"

Interesting idea given the hoops that organisations have to go through in order to become charities.

Span Ows said...

I think many are quangos; in fact that was why quangos were started in the first place, to draw off a lot of central government spending but things are clearly way off they mutliply and much of their existence seems aimed only at the perpetuation of their existence and little else....and of course most are crammed with New Labour luvvies...OK, a bit party political but the BBC coverage of this has been almost exclusively with ex Labour people!