Thursday, February 03, 2011

Opposition obdormition...

You may have expected that I would have posted on Crusty's dozen years in power but I really can't put into words what Owsblog's small contribution of a post/month on the situation in Venezuela has had on me, creating sadness and resignation about mi segunda Patria's decent into the brown stuff. Others say it far better: the following link is to an excellent post, well worth reading, by Daniel who concludes with:
"We are in a much worse shape today than 12 years ago. The opposition needs to really study the situation before it can dare make proposals. And it needs to criticize the regime consequently, consistently, continuously to gain credibility, to make the population understand the situation if we are to have a chance to rebuild the country."
That final paragraph alliteration is more urgent than it may at first appear: elections are in 2012 and as yet there is, once again - as incredible as it may seem - no clear opposition candidate.

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