Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Outstanding objurgation of Obama's overseas obstipation...

From Cranmer: Niall Ferguson tells it like it is on Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood. Outstanding..."And it is exceedingly unlikely that he will ever be asked back by MSNBC". I'll say; I wonder if they even regret their embarrassingly OTT bias and boot-licking - nay, ARSE-licking - sycophancy in the elections for POTUS.

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Paul said...

One of the George Bush synchronised comedy team was on the radio last weekend. He said that Bush had supported all these loony tunes simply because it meant the Soviet Union and its offspring couldn't get involved. You now have the situation where the USA spends $1 million a day supporting Egypt and the US 5th Fleet is moored in Bahrain.

When the reporter said, "Do you think that America's postion in the middle east and North Africa has been weakened by recent events?" He replied, "No, because it means nobody else can have an influence."

When does the fun begin in Jordan and Syria - and how long before the US thinks about invading Iran?

Span Ows said...

I heard that, or something similar, saying that what ahs happened in Egypt proves Bush right???

Your middle paragraph is hilarious...and scary! Simialrly didn't Obama's chief security adviser call the Muslim brotherhood "secular" or soemthing? Wonderful.

I think if things kick off in yria they'll be far more dead on the streets than there was in Bahrain. Iran...well, who knows?

Span Ows said...

Re Iran...maybe sooner than we think!