Saturday, March 26, 2011

Obama's obvious omissions...

I did have one, short, comment about this earlier in the week; now a bit more. Obama seems to be getting more attention for what he is not saying (and not doing in the case of Libya etc). He has been going on about equal partnerships and shared values, fair enough; he also said that today Latin America is democratic and mentioned the Inter-American Democratic Charter (adopted by a General Assembly special session on 11th Sept 2001...) the central aim of which is to strengthen and uphold 'democratic institutions in the nations of the Americas', it "nominally binds the governments of the hemisphere to act against those who commit political abuses" [WP Opinion]. A couple of articles from that Charter:
Article 4: The strengthening of democracy requires transparency, probity, responsibility, and effectiveness in the exercise of public authority, respect for social rights, and freedom of the press, as well as economic and social development.
Article 7: Democracy is a condition for the full and effective enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms.
Great. Obama went on, "we have to speak out when we see those principles violated"...yet in his "weak meassage to Latin America" - not once on the tour - has he mentioned Venezuela (nor Nicaragua, Ecuador and Bolivia for that matter) or their "increasingly autocratic rulers".

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Charlie said...

Obama's O is like a gift for you! ;-)

Span Ows said...

hehehe...yep. And Osborne.

Paul said...

American foreign policy it's the great mystery. They support those they can influence and ignore those (on the surface at least) those they distrust. I haven't trusted their South American policy since the 1980's when I saw a programme about the infamous Camp X and then heard the recordings on the planes that attacked Allende in the palace.

Interferring in other countries is acceptable when people are dying for their beliefs but interferring because you do not agree with their countries political system is wrong as far as I'm concerned. We can see from North Africa at the moment what happens when you do that.

Span Ows said...

Camp X? Canada/Secret Agents? There is a wierd coincidence. IAD Charter I mention signed on 911, Chile coup 911, Camp X (the one I mean) LWF 911.

The problem in my post though is taht they have all agreed to speak out but don't speak out. Re North Africa surely is is precisely because "people are dying for their beliefs" and not because we don't "agree with their countries political system is wrong"