Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oblivious, odious or olid...

OK, OK...the image is a bit OTT but it does serve as a warning to not forget what certain ideas and policies can do.  Little Red Ed, leader of the UK's 2nd opposition (the 1st opposition is the BBC and other media that seem intent on not telling the country what it needs to know) should sack his speech writer; maybe it's Balls. The bad timing he can do nothing about.

Today at the misguided leftist, swollen-public-sector, union protest march (yes I know there were other causes and people present), Ed, apart from his continuous lies and hyperbole about "back to the 80s", had the gall to compare today's march against 'cuts' (really just growth-in-spending reductions to a 2007 level) to the Suffragette cause, the America civil rights movement and anti-apartheid in South Africa. Now to me, Ed Miliband played quite a large part in the reason for the Coalition's need to "address" spending** so he was most definitely a part of the problem; his comparisons would be, IMHO, like Mary Humphry Ward speaking to a womens' celebratory "We got the Vote" party, or a KKK Grand Wizard praising an African American equal rights shindig or D.F. Malan saying black South Africans should have been running the country. It's like an arsonist setting fire to the local pub and then rousing the sleeping street residents against the ones trying to put the fire out because they're using too much of 'our' water. Rant over...but probably not for long. :-)

** Brown and Balls are the other reasons...and Blair (should have had the balls to sack Brown).

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Paul said...

Balls is an arse - if that's biologically possible. Not sure how he can say anything to be honest he was one of the reasons we got into this mess....etc etc

Span Ows said...

Indeed he is but he is also being allowed to get away with 'blue murder'. In interviews no-one ever questions the lies he spouts, even 'economic' journalists that must know it's bullshit.