Monday, April 11, 2011

Otiose obganiation...

It may serve no useful purpose to constantly repeat the same thing but I hope he keeps it up! Dan asks, in reference to the probable total of 4.2 billion quid (enough to cover the basic salary of 180,575 police constables - there are 170,000 police officers in the UK - for example) that will be the UK's share of the Portugal bail-out,
"So where is the 'March for the Alternative'? Where are all the students, Socialist Workers and trade union activists who thronged through London just a couple of weeks ago?... ...So where is the TUC? Where is UK Uncut? Where are all those who asserted last month that a much smaller sum meant the end of social security in Britain? Are they missing something? Or am I?"
Update: Just a reminder too that MEPs have just voted to keep all their perks and reject cost-cutting measures.

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Paul said...

I don't think 'ordinary' people understand Span. Look at the first paragraph in the Daily Mail, "British taxpayers could be forced to pay....."

It's meaningless to most people just numbers beyond any comprehension. As I said last year these things only become personal when people lose jobs, also we don't know whether the bail out will come out of Treasury Reserves or current account - I suspect the former so actually no job costs are relevant.

All that aside I do agree with some of the posters about the long game with the EU - I suspect however that too many people are aboard the gravy train to want to pull the emergency cord.

Span Ows said...

I hear you!