Thursday, March 31, 2011

Outrageous obversion...

Sacrilege. Inappropriate and petty. This week Krusty the clown was given the Rodolfo Walsh award. FFS! What a complete fucking disgrace to give this award to Hugo. Walsh is said to be the pioneer the investigative journalism in Argentina but that puts it mildly: with "Operation Massacre", he was widely thought to be the pioneer of the journalism/ fiction blend almost a full decade before Truman Capote shot to fame with "In Cold Blood". There is no denying Walsh was a dyed-in-the-wool lefty with direct association to Cuba (even to the extent of deciphering CIA codes before the Bay of Pigs debacle) and was murdered - "on behalf of" a right-wing Junta - in broad daylight by the infamous EMSA the same day/day after he published his Open Letter to the Military Junta; but get this, the letter was, amongst other things, a cry against censorship of the press! Full and fair testimony to "A Man of Honour" HERE (Spanish)...[off topic: looking at that bio you just know that Kevin Spacey would have to play him in a film of his life]

Typical lefty-love-in fuck-fest; mind you, at least Florencia Saintout, the Dean of La Plata University's journalism program, the one's giving the award, didn't mince her words: "The prize we are giving is not neutral, it is not aseptic ... you head a profound process of emancipation in Latin America" and "unquestionable and authentic commitment" to media that support "human rights, truth and democratic values" [LINK].

Bullshit. Complete fucking pants.

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Paul said...

I was away from the office on Friday but when I caught up with the news and saw this I thought of you.

I can just imagining you hearing this somewhere west of Dumbass Iowa and steam coming out of your ears like a cartoon character.

Span Ows said...

LOL! Steam and the "factory hooter" sound. I detect some sarcasm...but in some respects I'm way west of Dumbass IA hehehe (but actually several hundre miles SSE of there in the Land of Krusty!)