Thursday, April 28, 2011

Owing, overspending, optimism...

And other tales...apologies in advance for link fest. Catching up on all the news!  "Repayments are made over a long time scale, usually between 25 and 30 years but occasionally as long as 60 years, but at a high rate of interest... That meant that large debts were stored up for future taxpayers – which now have to be repaid... Under a Treasury slight of hand, PFI debts do not form part of the deficit balance sheet." [DT]

Carrier costs up nearly two billion...that's a 30% increase! [Guardian]

Costs of 'benefit cheats' becoming clear: "Sickies: Three-quarters fit to work": figures covering a period from October 2008 to August 31 2010 for the ESA (employment and support allowance) - the successor to to the old incapacity benefit - showed what most of us suspected [Yahoo News - PA]

"How Council Tax payers have funded £35 million of Trade Union salaries over the past three years": The total salary bill over the three year period for full-time union reps was £35 million. This does not include the cost of employing someone else to do the job vacated by the union reps. [Conservative Home]. As THIS image shows, most of the worst are Labour or are Labour led.

The UK economy grew...barely, but George Osborne is right to say it "is particularly good news that manufacturing is growing so strongly" and that "Jobs have been created since the New Year and government borrowing is down". Of course Balls spat his dummy. [BBC]

Deargate: a further sign that Labour are acting desperate...Dear dear. Oh, and the snubbed couple: poor dears!

If you're in England I hope you enjoy your second long 4-day weekend in the last fortnight!

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