Sunday, May 01, 2011

Opt-out option overruled...

Sure to be a good turnout at the workers day march in Caracas tomorrow. The image left (click to enlarge) is a memo that was circulated in the offices of the electric company of Venezuela: CORPOELEC. Needless to say that power shortages and cuts are daily occurrences in Venezuela, sometimes covering more than half the country. A translation is as follows:

"We bring to the attention of all workers of CORPOELEC that the company will grant May 2 as a free day only to those that attend the mass march in Caracas to commemorate May 1st "International Labour Day". To this effect supervisors will monitor participation at the march.

CORPOELEC ratifies its desire to accompany the workers of the country on such an important day.

"The working people build the socialist fatherland!"

Hat-tip: News and Views... Source: Las Armas de Coronel who tells us that "No comments are necessary to see what kind of vermin govern Venezuela".

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