Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Orphanosphere: Orphans official opening...

Another site for My Favorites, I linked a few days ago; a very readable new blog (IMHO) that is "differing voices who come together under one banner – that of liberty": Orphans of Liberty. The blog has been up a while but the official opening post was last week: Writing is the first act of rebellion, by Luikkerland [Link]. 'Orphanosphere', cropped up in the reply-post linked in the comments by David Farrer at Freedom and Whisky who makes a valid point in about the use of the word libertarian: "...I warned about the increasing use of the term "left libertarian", which I've seen quite a few times in the Orphanosphere recently. [He wrote]:
The point is that liberty is indivisible. The case for economic liberty is exactly the same as the case for personal liberty. The economic spectrum goes from authoritarianism to libertarianism just as does the civil liberties spectrum. The government that takes away your economic freedom is as much your enemy as one that takes away your personal freedom."
"The problem with the so-called "left libertarians" is that they only seem to accept the idea of communal ownership, and communal ownership of a particular sort. In other words they don't believe in individual liberty at all." Great stuff.

Several of the contributors to Orphans of Liberty are from blogs that I read regularly so it could save me some time! I think I'm probably still too Conservative to consider myself a kindred spirit just yet but the Establishment is doing it best to change my mind!

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Paul said...

Good points. I still believe that the far left and far right are the same in old money - after all there's little difference between an oppressive right wing state (Chile in the 1970's) and an oppressive left wing state (Poland post war to 1989).

But as we keep being told there's no such thing as right or left these days, will the old labels become redundant.

Span Ows said...

In a sense it's true, look at the USA: in real terms GOP and Democrats are a cigarette paper apart.