Sunday, June 26, 2011

Officially OK...

...but the story keeps changing: he is battling for his health in a critical but stable condition but won't be back until 30th June however the fact that he hasn't actually been seen (only press photos and Twitter messages) have fuelled rumours that he could be seriously ill. So far this year Hugo has had problems with both mid-body waste disposal outlets (don't ask), a knee injury, a pelvic abcess and now cancer according to Nelson Bocaranda Sardi** in a special report in El Universal although officials still haven't confirmed this as the dawning reality of the gapping black hole in Venezuela's 'Bolivarian Revolution' becomes clear i.e. he's mortal? What the fuck do we do now...and who'll be leader?

Update: **...but not OK. Nelson Bocaranda's info confirmed 30th June. 

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Paul said...

Does he have a twin?

Span Ows said...

Why, have you seen him? :-) the images are those 'provided' for the media. Or did you mean his twin could 'rule'?