Sunday, July 31, 2011

Obama optimistic (on opportunism)...

The world watches as the US debt deal progresses and stalls and progresses some more to what could be accepted: trouble is that, as John Redwood says, the "US is just adding to the tensions by this foolish posturing." Indeed from both sides but I am getting the impression more and more that Obama doesn't care as long as nothing has to happen before next year...election year; is he the Gordon Brown of the USA? ("a key Democratic demand that would prevent a repeat of the current crisis before the next election" [from CNN]). Reporting varies, obviously (especially considering the first line quote from last week) but in some places you just a completely different version from everywhere else, John again:
"Listening to the BBC you could get the impression that the tea party minority in the Congress has the power and the wish to wreck the world's financial system."
I agree, and the Beeb don't help themselves: Mark Mardell is a chronic adherent to Obamamania and in all the coverage of the last few years I doubt that 1% is even slightly "anti" Obama; compare that to the BBC's treatment of Bush (in fact Justin Webb and others are too; they can't help themselves but the bias, omission and false reporting is getting beyond a joke..and they're being watched).

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