Friday, July 29, 2011

Obstrobogulous overspend...

Brilliant (click to enlarge). Hat-tip Matt Wardman over at Anna Raccoon's. It's an online visualisation of US Government Debt starting from a single 100 dollar bill right up to the 114.5 trillion US unfunded liabilities: go here: wfynoway. Equally good is the one of the sources for this figure (another source being the US Federal Reserve of course!): - "see the debt in real time" (but also figures for population, stats, money supply, deficits, workforce, tax etc).

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Paul said...

I do like the fact that on the wfynoway link there is an advert from Vodafone which starts off with "make your money go further."

Stare at the for too long and you end up looking like a cartoon character with $ signs in your eyes.

Span Ows said...

LOL! Didn't see that but I probably had an ad for something else...just checked: translator jobs (Spain /US...what a coincidence, foreign currency bank accounts etc) online, nmobody knows who or where you are safe as houses. NOT!