Sunday, July 31, 2011

On Osborne's options III...

Norman Tebbit is back on form: "I have never envied George Osborne his job as Chancellor. Well may David Cameron claim to be 'the heir to Blair', but poor George is the heir to Brown and his inheritance was an utterly unprecedented mountain of debt and an unsustainable deficit piling on even more debt."..."despite some brave decisions and much talk of 'The Cuts', public expenditure is rising not falling, debt is increasing"..."Blair's poisonous legacy to his heir Cameron was not just a financially incontinent country, but one with a submerged underclass addicted to welfare".

Read more in the Daily Mail; or, if you don't fancy going there - or if like me you get irritated by all the photos, links, moving ads, narrow column width etc - then the text is HERE in pdf (Google doc).

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Paul said...

Blimey - the Daily Mail and the biased BBC blog in two posts, cover me I'm going in!

I was actually going to post this weekend about Boris Johnson's proprosal to abolish the 50% tax band because it actually costs more than it yields, but the photograph of his mate falling off her bike put me off.

Span Ows said...

Thanks Paul...didn't see this comment yesterday night!?? LOL although I'm sure BBBC doesn't fall into the same 'bracket' as the DM although both are the same side of centre :-)

I probably broke several laws with that text document although I did leave author name and link!

Didn't see the bike picture, who was it?