Saturday, July 16, 2011

Order-Order order...

"The idea that this crisis is only about News International is fanciful." "In short every major newsroom in the land has used illegal techniques to obtain information." Guido says "We Are On the Verge of Killing Popular Journalism"...but just how 'popular' is it? Click image to enlarge. Also, yesterday we read how the BBC and others may be included in any inquiry.

P.S. A very interesting find: "Rupert Murdoch - A Portrait of Satan", from Adam Curtis a documentary film maker who blogs at the BBC. [hat-tip: Millie Tant over at Biased BBC]

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Paul said...

I like to think that the end of News Corp as we know it brings things full circle. Murdoch's power in this country began when Mrs Thatcher persuaded John Biffen to ignore the fact that Murodch was in breach of financial regulations which should have stopped him buying The Times and Sunday Times and now it ends with the close contacts between Cameron and the Murdoch empire (post Coulson's sacking) being part of the story.

Murdoch should have been referred to the Monopolies Commission but he had already schmoozed Mrs T and despite evidence to the contrary she asked a minister of state to lie and let him get ownership. The dangers should have been seen then because when Tiny Rowlands tried to buy the Observer there was only one dissenting voice, on the basis of conflicting business interests, guess who - yep Uncle Rupe.

I agree he transformed the British press, as the Grandson and Great-Grandson of two Fathers of The Chapel in Fleet Street I grew up hearing stories of how the unions were killing the newspaper industry in this country. Of course in one of life's great twists my Grandfather was not only the main union man but he was also a Conservative councillor, in those days it wasn't seen as a conflict of interests.

With regards to the other newspaper groups, BBC and Twitter there is of course a wonderful sense of irony that it should be Guido who brings this to public attention - but then like the Americans, the political right in this country don't really get irony do they?

Span Ows said...

Hi Paul, yes and I hope I haven't been getting all bitter and twisted, no much time to post and as soon as I see a headline or two I see red (top)!

Very interesting about your Granddad and the comment re the Conservative/Union combination.

On the paper media I would agree with you but as everyone knows that is the dead-tree press and has been for a while sliding down. TV and online a re light years ahead in terms of where people get their news and it is in this sector that there definitely needs some balance.

Guido isn't really 'of the Right' ...more a liberal...ahem.

Paul said...

Perhaps I was a little harsh in the last paragraph but I'm now very angry about how this is going!

Span Ows said...

Hi Paul...I agree. It's a shitfest!