Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Overseas overdose...

Not just me then...the "Scumset".... "A lot of our overseas listeners are amazed at the amount of coverage that was being given to this issue". Euro meltdown, rampant "fuel poverty", Obama 'causing' possible dollar debt default, various wars and other non-important news. From EU Referendum, Reason departed...and it is definitely the impression I have; I even listened for most of this afternoon to the live broadcast of the Commons culture select committee on the phone-hacking scandal. Richard at EUR goes on: "What is wrong is the totally disproportionate coverage. And yes I did check ... there has been far more media coverage today than was given in the newspapers to the outbreak of the Second World War." FFS!

P.S. Why is it, that in the full glow of spotlight on media behaviour, the likes of Dan Sabbagh at the Guardian can spout such shit; can lie, blatantly and patently in public? He has a few possible excuses: either (a) Dan was drunk or on drugs (or both...or worse?) (b) didn't actually listen/watch or possibly (probably?) (c) had written most of his article before the event. No wonder his article wasn't open to comments.

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Paul said...

Don't know whether you are in the U.K at the moment but the Today programme at 7 a.m this morning began with five minutes of the Murdoch appearance.

Leaving aside the media for the moment (in terms of who is culpable) there does seem to be a move by several MP's to make sure that the newspapers at least in this country grow up and realise what their responsibilities are but also the worry about the police and why the resignations before any real public enquiry?

Paul said...

Oh and to be fair we did only have eight daily newspapers in 1939, BBC TV could only be seen by 40,000 people (mainly in the Home Counties) and only two radio stations covered the whole country.

and of course no interweb.

Span Ows said...

Yes, it is odd (but strangely I like it probably because it harked back to the 80s and Lord Carrington) that Stephenson and Yates jumped (would they have been pushed?) The police thing is a serious issue and I am taking it up with my many "contacts" in the Met. (God that sounds pompous!) :-)

Re your 2nd post, I agree and it did occur to me that there would be almost no TV etc but I guess it depends how many newspapers were included in that coverage comment.