Monday, July 11, 2011

Overt (opportunist?) overreaction...

"The BBC has a monopoly and it's abusing it". I'm a few thousand miles away but can hear the harpie shrieks of hysteria from here. The NOTW debacle has led to a general all-out assault on the great evil empire News International; but consider that 70% of the UK get their news from TV and the image left shows just who dominates miles. Look HERE and you see online the BBC is even more dominant (News Corporation has even less market share than The Guardian!) and no need to even mention radio. Facts and stats from Tim Montgomerie, well worth a read (click on image).
"Lots of nonsense is being said and written about how News International is undermining the diversity of British media. There's only one dominant force in the British media and that's the BBC. The BBC's dominance is overwhelming when it comes to news."
P.S. Also, it's been hard not to notice the Beeb's recent tendency for loving Alastair.

Late Update: you can tell I'm not getting online much: THIS from Sunday:
"They see a straight line from a successful BSKYb takeover to the emergence of a truly pluralistic television media environment. And that vision terrifies them.

Make no mistake about it. The Left’s agenda is about censorship and control. Nothing more, nothing less."
And this, curiouser and curiouser: BBC/GUARDIAN JOIN FORCES, POOL RESOURCES

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Paul said...

A couple of points, firstly it's hardly any surprise that the BBC dominates given the fact that most people still regard it as the most trustworthy source and secondly there is still a reluctance in the UK to embrace Satellite TV beyond its sports coverage so it's not a complete surprise.

Re Mr Campbell it has been quite amusing to see him on TV so much, good to see Michael White of The Guardian balancing things out though with opinions from the right.

Span Ows said...

LOL! (re second paragraph)

I know, my point was the faux outrage about monopolies etc re Murdoch etc. Doesn't even come close to it. The NOTW screw-up is being used by "the Left" to put a spanner in the works of the News Corp/Sky thing.

Amusingly, the "seen as most trusted" BBC is the main point for my own squeals of rage re the BBC, their coverage on some things is so bias as to be laughable (not talking "left/right" here. They WERE the most trusted and for good reason but for decades that has been fading fast and getting worse, certainly looking from a world (outside UK) persepective.

Lee said...

'there is still a reluctance in the UK to embrace Satellite TV beyond its sports coverage so it's not a complete surprise.'

The reason might be that we're forced to pay the BBC licence fee and so many of us can't afford to pay an additional satellite subscription.