Monday, September 12, 2011

Ollie on outstanding Olympians...

Whilst Britain seems to be fading from former glories in the track and field 'major' events (with of course honourable exceptions) we seem to be doing well at the other 'less popular' sports: sailing, rowing etc to name but two. However there is another where we could sweep the board if all goes well (now I've said that there's no hope!): "Why are the British dominating world triathlon?" Well Ollie Williams will tell you: and a clean sweep at U23 bodes well for the future. All the links in Ollie's blog-post are interesting; not least that of Jack Maitland one of the triathlon coaches, who remains the only non-Nepalese man in the fastest times list of the Everest Marathon.

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Paul said...

I'm hoping Britain can do a Spain next year. Spain couldn't win an egg and spoon race before Barcelona but they were lifted by the event rather than intimidated.

Fermin Cacho winning the 1500m was one of the great nights of those games. Okay, the race was possibly the slowest in the history of middle distance running but the boy done good Brian.

Span Ows said...

We can live in hope! I get the feeling though that everyone will 'go that extra mile' just to piss on our fireworks.