Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ottomans ousted...

Today many in the world will remember the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York - most will never forget. Today in London, a group of radical Muslims decided to protest and they burnt a US flag outside the American Embassy (click on image for news); amusingly - if anything about this can be amusing - they say it's the American's fault for being in Muslim lands etc conveniently forgetting centuries of Muslim invasions and atrocities certainly long before the USA was a world power.  Perhaps they have long memories:

September 11th 1693: one of the most important battles of the 17th century after the march for the Relief of Vienna ends in a decisive victory led by Jan III Sobieski - king of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth - over far superior numbers at the Battle of Vienna.

September 11th 1697: an amazing and crushing victory led by Eugene of Savoy (this was 'his first independent command'; it was to be 'the first of a series of spectacular campaigns' [Wiki]) over the superior numbered force at the the Battle of Zenta.

Islam will NOT dominate the world.

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Paul said...

The Battle of Vienna is one of the great European battles often overlooked simply because it was so long ago relative to WWI and WWII

Span Ows said...

So much wonderful European history is all but forgotten and ignored. I thought these two battles may have been what got Osama so upset - apart from his own Saudis - back in the day.