Friday, October 28, 2011


Or odd ditty: you're overrated, you're overvalued, you're overstretched, you're over, you're out, you're o, euro. Or maybe not quite yet [edit] "Markets may believe this for a bit. The first reactions have been to rally on the news."

Off topic...sort of, late edit re the possibility of a debate and referendum : "The House having divided: Ayes 111, Noes 483." Did your MP offer their constituents and you a say on the EU? Less than 20% did: the list is under John Redwood's contribution HERE:
"We need to wake up. We need to do what the British people want us to do. We need to take responsibility for governing this country. We need to enact the laws. We need to debate and argue about it in here. Brussels has too much power. The British people need a say. Let us have a vote."
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