Friday, November 25, 2011

Oliver's outburst...

There's a song and dance today from the unofficial opposition. TV Chef Jamie Oliver tells the Guardian - and is brought in (BBC News) to decry - the "erosion" of school meal food standards!! And the Local Authority Catering Association saying "Our members are telling us that they have been approached by academies to relax the rules"; shock horror...what is this huge erosion?  Are some children being force-fed nuclear waste by evil Tories? No, some schools (one, ten, thousands?) are requesting the return of vending machines for confectionery and other snacks, especially for mid-morning, which suggests hungry children to me and it all sounds like the same old agenda: find a half story and use edit and omission to bash the coalition.

The government has hit back saying there's "no reason to believe that academies will not provide healthy, balanced meals that meet the current nutritional standards. In fact, the School Food Trust tells us that some of the best schools in terms of attitudes to food and meals are academies."

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