Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Outrageous opportunism III...

...I am sure I am not the only one being open-mouthed in amazement at the brazen and shameless opportunism of Labour over the temporary relaxation of passport checks by (the buck stops with her? Not) Theresa May. Those slimy sacks of shit are those directly responsible for the overall immigration fiasco the UK find itself in: Jack Straw, David Blunckett, Alun Michael; throw in Yvette Cooper, Keith Vaz and others for good measure. Jeez, they quadrupled annual net immigration in addition to the hundreds of thousands of people entering the country illegally. As I have posted many times before, Migration Watch has been on the case; interestingly their petition 'no to 70 million' rocketed in record time to the required amount of signatures to trigger a parliamentary debate. The aim should be Balanced Migration.

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