Friday, December 02, 2011

Offensive? Obviously OTT? Or only one opinion...

OTT, LOL, FFS! Not one for bandwagon jumping but...On Thursday night the BBC had received 5000 complaints...this morning it was over 21,000. This sounds like an orchestrated witch-hunt which means the Unions and their lefty minions have really got into a hissy fit and are trying to ratchet-up the faux outrage...and were looking increasingly stupid with their calls for sacking and even talk of legal action... luckily even dick-heads like Prentis saw the stupidity and accepted Clarkson's apology. John Prescott said that he knew "Jeremy Clarkson likes winding people up but it's worth pointing out he gets £1m a year from the licence fee/public sector." Nice one John, this made the BBC even more uncomfortable as they have more than a few grossly overpaid from the public purse.
Matt, brilliant, as usual
Jon Trickett, Labour's shadow minister for the Cabinet Office got even more political by not only calling for an apology but saying "And the prime minister should make clear he disassociates himself from the distasteful remarks uttered by one of his friends." Twat! And naturally Ed Miliband get's it so wrong AGAIN: Interestingly, in the Guardian (of all places!) an online poll with the question "Should Jeremy Clarkson apologise for his comment?" I was pleasantly surprised to see the following:

53.3%:  No. Lighten up, it was just funny banter
46.7%: Yes. He crossed the (picket) line

No surprise at the DT, hehe. And, in the same DT (Ows update 3:30pm GMT) James Delingpole NAIL'S IT today: "How the BBC ganged up with the militant Left to attack Jeremy Clarkson".

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Paul said...

Must have been really confusing for DT readers, attack the BBC or defend the BBC, what to do? Of course when you see the piece in full you realise how it went in reality before the last bit was taken out of context.

And then when it was revealed that the whole thing was scripted beforehand and passed at editorial level the left went even more ballistic which just confused things more.

Funny old world.

Span Ows said...

yes, that BBC approval was a surprise, Clarkson did say it from the start as soon as he realised there was outrage but clearly in context (which he also said) it is nothing.

Not so confusing for DT readers as I used to call it the labourgraph, or fairygraph ad EU referendum always calls it! jejeje