Friday, December 30, 2011

Onshore, offshore, over-sure...

...over priced and of course over-hyped. "And that, in the end, is where the lie really is. In the attempt to sell us renewables the assumption is made that energy usage will halve. But energy usage halving has nothing at all to do with renewables, it has to do with energy efficiency. And when we compare energy efficiency plus fossil fuels with energy efficiency plus renewables we find that the renewables are twice the price of the fossil fuels." "Lying With Numbers: Green Energy Edition" from Tim Worstall in Forbes.

The lie being a report in The Guardian of Professor David MacKay, chief scientific adviser to the Department of Energy and Climate Change** that purports to challenge the view that 'sustainable energy means higher costs': "But the cost of developing clean and sustainable electricity, heating and transport will be very similar to replacing today’s ageing and polluting power stations, the analysis finds."

** Yesterday the DECC announced a GBP2.5 billion 'boost' in investment, or, in other words, about 210 grand per job created [pdf].
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Paul said...

The problem is that you are banging your head against a very large well when trying to explain the renewable energy costs, you may as well say that it's all a gift from the energy fairies.

I was watching a programme yesterday about a couple in Devon who have built a 'green house'. The house build, land, fittings etc worked out at £60,000 more than if they had bought a house in the same village to which they claimed they would recover the costs through energy efficiency. How much wastage must you have in the first place to save £60,000?

Span Ows said...

"well"...jejeje, very good. Re the couple in Devon, give em a break, in 100 years they may have saved a few bob. :-)