Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Occupy ousted...

Or hopefully they will be. The general shambles of brainless and jobless otherwise known as Occupy London will soon - subject to any appeal - have to remove their tents and rubbish; this could be voluntarily..."The City of London Corporation has won its High Court bid to evict protesters from outside St Paul's Cathedral." The policy chairman of CoL, Stuart Fraser, said: "Lawful protests are a regular part of City life but tents, equipment and increasingly, quite a lot of mess and nuisance, is not what a highway is for and the public generally is losing out"...something lost on the smellies. Giles Fraser (presumably no relation to Stuart!), the canon of St. Paul's whom you may recall resigned and has been omnipresent on the BBC these last few months - was in the public gallery for the judgement; he has assumed new levels of twatishness by saying "You can't evict an idea", well no, we just want the idea-less idiots and their tents and their piles of poo evicted.

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Paul said...

It's like Glastonbury in the City! What's wrong with using the public showers and facilities that are available in the City, do they all have to be dirty/smelly herberts.

Funny how dirt puts you off people, a few years ago a guy came up to me in London and asked for the price of a cup of coffee, I was just about to hand over a tenner (joking) when I saw he had the worlds biggest bogey hanging from his nose, I'm afraid he had to go without his coffee that morning!

Span Ows said...

LOL! Horrible and you've put me off my tea but very funny.