Sunday, January 08, 2012

Orpington obscurantism...

"What is the point of journalists? Increasingly in this country we see reporters publishing stories they have not written, and to which they add virtually nothing." I agree, many are just becoming like the news gathering websites that simple supply a list of links and two or three lines of the original newswire. In this case, to me there is no surprise, the BBC misinform the public again. How long before blatant lies become the norm? Oh, they are. Autonomous Mind has a damning article on the MSM:
"This is yet another example of our media being lazy, derivative and unfit for purpose , therefore ill-serving the public audience."
Taken up with the addition of the BBC's unique twist on Biased BBC blog: "This isn't factual news reporting, it is opportunist speculation mixed with personal opinion, pushed on viewers without any supporting evidence whatsoever."

P.S. It is worth reading all the comments on that first link including Bruce in defence of the journalist's lot.

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Paul said...

Love the irony. A link to the biased BBC blog which simply takes its story from Autonomous Mind and attacks the BBC. What a bunch of complete fuckwits.

Autonomous Mind said...

Thank you for you deeply thought provoking comment, which no doubt took a great deal of time to gather in your thoughts. Perhaps you could explain what the 'irony' is?

The Biased BBC story was not taken from AM. I am also a B-BBC contributor and posted the BBC relevant part of the story there myself.

Paul said...

The original worthy point about churnalism is lost when it becomes just another anti-BBC rant - hence the use of the word irony.

Has the post been copied to the biasedSun, biasedIndependent and biasedMetro sites?

If so I apologise.

Span Ows said...

Blimey! fight fight fight! :-)

Paul, I think there are two good points, the churnalism where 4 major outlets have over 50% copied and pasted (3 over 90%!). Second point (and on AM's blog they are two separate posts) is the "unique" slant, no agenda here, it's all the cut,cuts, CUTS...and perfect for Biased BBC site (where, as AM says, he contributes and authored the post in question).

Paul said...

I wanted to add the following point on Autonmous Mind's page but I think you have to belong to one of the strange web cults that I despise.

"Don't know if anybody watched Borgen on BBC4 last night but the sacked journalist turned to the twentysomething presenter and said "These days you aren't even journalists just presenters." We live in a world of soundbites and condensed news the majority of people don't want in depth news stories.

Years ago being a 'stringer' was almost a full time occupation nowadays all you need is google and most people's views of the world come from google or wiki.

Span Ows said...

I'll pass it on if you like.

Re the last paragraph, this situation will get worse as the "dead-tree" press fall by the wayside, when you look at how the readership falls year on year I think within a decade half will have disappeared.